Getting ~Heavy~ With ~Evy~



Hi! name is Evy, and I am from Brooklyn, NY. But let’s cut out the boring stuff and name some facts about me that are actually fun and somewhat important: 1) I am extremely bothered by mismatched socks and could never leave the house wearing them. 2) I love going grocery shopping but always get extremely lost doing so. 3) I am 18 and still don’t have my license (this one we can blame on living in NYC, but I promise I’ll get it soon). 4) I swam a mile this summer just so that I can say that I swam a mile, and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding things I have done. Anyway, back to some general stuff. I am someone who loves the outdoors (especially the beach), being active (sports, running, biking, hiking, you name it!), math, having random conversations with my friends, watching TV with my mother, doing the New York Times crossword everyday, and building things. The only thing that I know I want to do with my life is build an irrigation system in South America, but in the long run, my goal is to do something that being hands on, helping people, being outdoors, and applied math. I strive to try new things everyday and wish to expand my mind; right now specifically, I am trying to widen my music taste. That’s just a little bit about me… hope you enjoyed!

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